How Pasabi Supports Digital Trust & Safety Teams

Written by Jen McKeeman

13 March 2023

Trust & safety has become a critical function of digital businesses. Responsible for maintaining and promoting a safe environment for their users, digital trust and safety teams strive to identify and prevent harmful content and activity on their platforms. For digital trust and safety teams, it can be challenging to know how to be most effective at keeping their platform and users safe as fraudsters continually adapt their tactics and fraudulent behaviour to evade detection.

Pasabi’s Digital Trust & Safety Platform has been developed to combat fraudulent activity and prevent bad actors from scaling their abuse online. Here’s how our platform can help your Digital Trust & Safety team:


Continual monitoring 

The only way to fully understand your digital safety risks is through continual monitoring. Our solution provides continual monitoring of behaviour on your platform to identify fraudulent activity as it appears, keeping your users and reputation safe.


Risk identification and tagging of threats

Identify multiple threats in one integrated solution. Focusing on behaviour, rather than text, enables us to detect bad actors' activity associated with many different risks, including counterfeit, fake accounts, fake reviews, scams and bypass. Detecting and tagging suspicious platform behaviour gives you the ability to quickly understand your vulnerabilities and exposure risk.



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Patterns of behaviour uncover networks of bad actors 

By focusing on behaviours, using AI and graph technology, we detect patterns of negative behaviour to draw links between individuals and groups which would otherwise go undetected. Our approach identifies fraud rings and networks of bad actors and highlights where your team needs to direct their efforts to combat the worst offenders and safeguard your users.




AI-powered analytics enables targeted friction

We use AI and behavioural analytics to analyse your data for risk signals of bad actor behaviour. Designed to handle volume and scale very efficiently, our approach filters out trusted user activity, producing a smaller set of critical data for review. In this way, increased friction can be added to disrupt bad actor behaviour while genuine users can enjoy safe, friction-free interactions on your platform.


Business intelligence drives faster decisions 

Whether you’re combating counterfeit, taking down fake accounts or enforcing against fake reviews, our solution gives you the intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions for more efficient and targeted allocation of resources to take evidence-based action and tackle fraud at scale.


Transparency reporting

With the increased transparency reporting obligations brought about by the Digital Services Act (DSA) for platforms operating in the EU, our fraud intelligence can provide data, graphs and content as evidence of decisions for enforcement action or content moderation.




Tracking KPIs

Pasabi’s solution can help you track your team’s KPIs - e.g. time spent on manual review, improving enforcement rates, increasing threat coverage or reducing response times. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to track your progress, measure your team’s results and set new targets.

Pasabi gives your Digital Trust & Safety team the intelligence needed to provide an increasingly safe and trusted user experience for your customers.

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Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash