Pasabi’s Digital Trust & Safety Platform is ready for AWS

Written by Vincen Arivannoor

06 June 2023

Why Trust Matters 

In today’s digital age, trust is everything. In her book "Who Can You Trust?", Rachel Botsman, a leading expert on Trust, explored the changing nature of trust in modern society. This shift in trust dynamics that she had highlighted is particularly relevant for online eCommerce platforms, which depend on building trust with buyers to encourage growth. 

But building trust is not always easy, especially when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Often the sellers on platforms are targeted by or benefit from activities that can break that trust of buyers on these platforms. Such activities can range from fake reviews and counterfeits to delivery scams. Therefore, platforms face significant challenges in maintaining trust; challenges that can erode buyer confidence and damage the reputation of the platform.


VeUP is in the Trust Business

VeUP is a consultancy and venture capital firm that specializes in accelerating the growth of high-tech companies within the AWS ecosystem. VeUP understands that trust is the backbone of any successful partnership. Our team of experts bring their years of experience to build trust with AWS & software partners, especially by resolving the concerns of Engineering & Product leaders. VeUP is in the Trust business by knowing what our partners care about, such as data security, having a range of solutions to build & sell, speedy deployment, flexible pricing etc. They help partners navigate the complex AWS ecosystem and succeed as an AWS Alliance partner. VeUP's consultants and solutions architects are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices, ensuring that they are always up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. This allows them to provide their clients with the best possible solutions and help them build trust with their customers.


The Dearth of Trust-based Solutions in AWS Ecosystem 

Despite the various fraud detection and prevention solutions available in the AWS Marketplace, there is a lack of solutions specifically aimed at detecting fake reviews, fake listings, fake accounts and scams. This presents an untapped opportunity in the market, as more and more customers are seeking trustworthy solutions. 

AWS has recognized this need and developed a unique service, AWS Fraud Detector. The service includes various use cases such as new account fraud, online identity fraud, payment fraud, guest checkout fraud, loyalty account protection, account takeover detection, and seller fraud in online marketplaces.

Given this context, VeUP has partnered with Pasabi to bring their fraud detection solution to the AWS ecosystem. With their experience and knowledge of the needs of AWS/Enterprise customers, VeUP is uniquely positioned to help Pasabi succeed in the marketplace and combat the growing issues of fake reviews, fake accounts, fake listings and scams.


Challenge of fake reviews in AWS Marketplace

When potential buyers are looking for a solution on a B2B marketplace such as AWS, they want to feel confident in their purchasing decision. They often rely on reviews and ratings to help guide their decision-making process. However, as mentioned earlier, fake reviews and counterfeits are not just a problem for B2C marketplaces, but also for B2B marketplaces, even on ones as diligent as AWS Marketplace. This can erode the trust of buyers and ultimately harm the reputation of the marketplace and its sellers. It is important to have solutions in place to combat these issues and ensure buyers can purchase with confidence.


Image source: LinkedIn 

Danny Linden, a Director at Ryte, has identified an example of fake or low-quality reviews affecting AWS Marketplace. Despite being considered one of the most thoroughly vetted marketplaces, where, as part of best practice, companies and products are put through a Foundational Technical Review (FTR) before being published, a few fake reviews managed to slip through the net. In the example shown above, the fake review came in through G2, a well-known SaaS product review website. The text contains the phrase, “As an AI language model”, clearly indicating the review was generated through a system such as ChatGPT. It won't always be so brazen but this highlights the need for more advanced solutions to combat fake reviews and ensure the trust and integrity of online marketplaces.



In conclusion, the importance of trust in eCommerce platforms cannot be overstated. The ability to build trust with buyers is crucial for the growth and success of any platform. The rise of fraudulent activities such as fake reviews and counterfeits has made it challenging for platforms to maintain trust and buyer confidence.

AWS Fraud Detector is a step in the right direction, but there is still a need for more advanced solutions in the AWS ecosystem to combat fake reviews, fake accounts, fake listings and scams, ensuring trust and safety. VeUP understands the importance of trust and the opportunity of the untapped market. That’s why VeUP is all-in on Pasabi’s AWS Marketplace Strategy. 

We believe the partnership with Pasabi to bring their fraud detection solution to the AWS ecosystem is a step in the right direction. By leveraging VeUP’s expertise and knowledge of the needs of AWS customers, we are uniquely positioned to help Pasabi succeed in the Marketplace and combat the growing issue of fake reviews and counterfeit products.

Vincen Arivannoor

Vincen is a Senior Consultant & Content Owner at VeUP where he works closely with AWS partners, driving strategic growth and process optimization within their business functions, from Product to Go-to-Market. He worked on many GTM consulting projects in Sydney, Mumbai, Melbourne and London, providing solutions to executives and directors at technology and digital businesses.