Using AI Analytics & Legal Expertise to Combat Counterfeiters

Written by Chris Downie

23 March 2022

Pasabi and BRANDIT are delighted to announce their collaboration to use AI, behavioural analytics and legal expertise to help brands crack down on counterfeit products and unauthorised selling online. Having jointly developed a Platform Risk Assessment solution for brands, Pasabi and BRANDIT are excited to be working together to help brands find their biggest threats, protect their customers, their reputations and defeat the fraudsters.

The popularity of online platforms and the global reach they offer means brands are continually challenged by fraudsters exploiting their name and reputation across multiple channels. The volume of posts makes monitoring and taking effective action on a manual basis an overwhelming and never-ending task. The combined power of Pasabi’s AI analytics plus BRANDIT’s IP and trademark legal expertise provides brands with a full-service solution to strategically tackle online risks at scale.

Chris Downie, CEO Pasabi: 

“As a pure play SaaS company, we’re looking to develop our ecosystem to deliver the best service possible to our customers. We wanted to partner with BRANDIT because we recognise their expertise and wealth of experience in online brand protection. We collaborated on developing a Risk Assessment solution to give brands key insights on the scale of the challenges they face, and to provide informed recommendations for an effective online brand protection strategy. Our holistic approach uses AI technology to find patterns of fraudulent activity across multiple channels, connecting individuals and groups working together. Combined with BRANDIT’s legal expertise, our analysis helps brands prioritise the biggest threats and provides the evidence they need to take effective action against the worst offenders.”

Caroline Perriard, Co-CEO at BRANDIT:

“We work with a number of top technology providers within the online brand protection industry, but our Risk Assessment solution with Pasabi allows us to offer something different for our clients.  Brands often spend a large portion of their budget on monitoring tactics that are not bringing efficient results. Pasabi’s AI technology can quickly assess the risks on existing platforms and by adding a human element with BRANDIT's extensive legal expertise, we are able to transform how brands tackle this growing problem, allowing them to focus on what matters to make a difference in the long-term.” 

Learn more about our PLATFORM RISK ASSESSMENT solution for brands.